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Discover Shaanxi

Red Tourism
The Red tourism is a subset of tourism in the People's Republic of China in which Chinese people visit locations with historical significance to Chinese Communi
Yellow River Sightseeing Road
Through the package, you can see a colorful, magical and fertilized northern Shaanxi Province. The trip goes through Yanhuang Sightseeing Road (Yellow River Sightseeing Road), approximately 850 km
Explore Qinling Mountains
Qin Mountains are a major east-west mountain range in southern Shaanxi Province, China. The mountains provide a natural boundary between North and South China and support a huge variety of plant and wildlife
Grand Silk Road
Xi'an was the eastern starting point of the ancient Silk Road, which was not just a road, it was an ancient network of trade, culture, economy exchange routes that connected China and the Middle East and southern Europe.
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